The main goal of the Belgian Ultimate League (BUL) is to allow Belgian club teams to play games during the outdoor season and not only in tournament format. The games take place during the practice moment of the home team. In this way, friends and family can be invited and get a taste of ultimate too.

The idea is to make ultimate frisbee big in Belgium by making some noise. Therefore, we stimulate you to take pictures or even organize a livestream. To be able to make it big, we need the teams to think big too though (like selling hot choco for the supporters, making an event, promoting the game with the fans, …).


Each season, the interest for the new season will be checked in November. Based on the responses, the BUL calendar is made in December. In January, the teams can check if all games are organisable, so that in the period of February to April the main games can be played. In May, the final games (wild cards, placing games, semi-finals and finals) are played. Dates of games can be changed after the calendar is made by contacting the opponent team and searching for a new date together.

The calendar is based on the divisions (women, open, mixed), levels and locations. The first division is always national. The following divisions (second, third, …) play local in ‘conferences’. Since the games are held during practice hours during the week, the conferences are made with the least total travel distance.

Conferences/Leagues with:

# teams TypeTotal # games# games per team
3home and away64
4home and away126
5round robin104
6 (only national)round robin155
7 (only national)round robin216
8 (only national)round robin287


The field must be indicated by multiple cones (at least 2+3+1+3+2 per side), by (chalk) lines, or by tape. The brick mark should be indicated on the sidelines or on the grass (chalk). Field dimensions should be according to WFDF rules.

Each game takes 80 minutes with a hard cap at 15. After the time cap, the point will be finished. If after that, the score is even, a universe point is played. Half time at 40 minutes or 8 (the one that is first reached). Half-time takes 4 minutes, time is not stopped. Each team has 1 time-out per game. Each time-out takes 2 minutes, time is not stopped. No time-outs in the last 5 minutes.

We would like the game to start 90 minutes before the end of the venue hours. Regular venues have 2 hours timeslots, so there are 30 minutes of warm-up. The times on the website are the starting hour of the available field, so nót the starting hour of the game.  

Nevertheless, there are some venues with only 90 minutes available. For these games, the game starts at the beginning of the venue’s starting hour (so as indicated on the website).

When a team shows up late, the opponent team gets 1 point per minute. In case of no shows (not able to field at least 5 people on the field) or late forfait, the other team wins the game 15-0.

The home team provides at least one person (not one of the players) that is a scorekeeper and time manager. Both teams fill in the final score of the game and the spirit form.

For the rest, including the ranking of the standings, WFDF rules are used.

Last but not least, please make (Facebook-)events, invite all your friends and family, take a lot of pictures, try a live stream and have fun!


Each season, we ask for a subscription fee and a deposit fee. The deposit fee is for us to be able to put pressure on deadlines.

We ask that all players are a member of the BUF to be insured. We expect teams to be able to check themselves if the conditions to play the game(s) are good before starting the game. The BUL cannot be held responsible for injuries or other damages to players, spectators, or infrastructure.


We are making the BUL a non-profit organisation (it is a ‘feitelijke vereniging’ for now), consisting of three members. We would like to thank Wannes Kestens, Robin Wouters and Tim Op De Beéck for the start of the BUL, years ago. Now, the BUL-board consists of Evelien Van Bockstal (CEO), Koen Verpoorten (CFO) and Arthur De Rieck (COO).

We would prefer to contact us as one team and not by one person only, since we discuss everything together. Our e-mail is and you can also contact us via the facebook page .